Start to Finish

Project Management for Commercial Construction

Start to Finish. That’s what people say makes for good project management. We believe that good project management starts before the beginning with resourcing the best quality, providing realistic time schedules and developing a budget that includes a cost estimate everyone can stand behind. And we’re finished when you say we’re finished. Some project managers develop punch list after punch list where the job seems to drag on into eternity.

Tillage Project Management Services LLC has more than 10 years of oversight into Construction and Program management jobs ranging from $50,000 to $700,000,000. We work on coordinating multiple sites, developing phases based on your budget or technical needs.

Flow of Communication


It’s one thing to know that we’ve got it handled, but it’s another thing to have insight into exactly what’s going on. Our goal is to take a holistic approach to any project, always keeping the end in mind so that nothing is missed.

Iterative Planning


We don’t believe the plan is etched in stone when the job begins. In fact, resources, weather, permitting and other issues can wreak havoc on a team that doesn’t know when it’s time to change the plan and the most effective and efficient ways to change it. Our experience gives us the ability to anticipate areas that need to remain flexible before we need to react to an obstacle.

Oversight and Challenge


Our job is to be your eyes and ears as the plan is put into practice. We know what to look for and what to ask questions about, so that we don’t complete anything that’s a flaw.

Best Practices & Technology

We’re constantly evolving to implement the best in equipment, practices and technology. We use the latest tools for monitoring costs and performance to be sure your job is done right.

Reporting Systems

We offer a wide variety of reporting that can be scaled to the needs of the job and your internal preferences. Safety incident reporting and worksite analysis allow us to streamline the job, while we’re on the job, and not wait months to find out we’re off track.

To put it simply – we want to oversee the planning, design, and construction of your project, from before it begins to operation and maintenance. Choose Keith Tillage to be your partner in your next project.

Start to Finish. Not by Fits and Starts.

Program Management – information coming soon.
Grants Management – information coming soon.